Why GPU Over heat?

Why Gpu Over heats? and is 80 c temperature of GPU is ok? it gets really hot! and sometimes the game lags as well.. any idea what is the problem?
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  1. Dirt could be one of the issues behind it. Clean your PC if you haven't in months. I clean my PC regularly every month.

    If your graphic card is old like 3 years or so then it could be that the thermal paste between the heatsink and GPU may have evaporated or diminished. If you know how to postmortem your computer then you can open the graphics card and put some high quality thermal paste, like from thermalright or something, & clean it properly. Temperatures will definitely go down considerably if that's the case.

    And in addition you can use MSI Afterburner to manually increase the speed of cooling fan(s) when in gaming, so that they cool more and lower the temperatures.
  2. My pc is just a few months old.. P.S there is no dust/dirt on my GPU there is a lil bit but not on the board it's inside the case but not too much it's negligible.. and my graphic card is just like 3 weeks or maybe 1 month old.. and it was already clean but for assurance I cleaned it again.. but still it didn't solve the problem.. I don't want this graphic card to die in just a few months.. I already have the warranty of 6 months so I'm just clearing because If I found out that my graphic card is the problem then I'll change it. and is it normal? I mean does this happen to each and every graphic card or just cheap ones? and is an Air cooler necessary.. I'm thinking to put as many fans I can inside my CPU!! so that it will keep the GPU cool and i will loose some temperatures! I wonder how Gamers actually get through this? I'd rather buy a ps3 or ps4 Instead suffering with this crap! -.-
  3. the weird thing is that I had p4 before with a nvidia 9600 gt.. and used it for two years and still it was working fine.. I use to play All night long but my game never got stuck or never lagged.. and the fan's noise was ok.. now I have a core 2 duo e8400 2 gb ram and gt 630 2 gb graphic card yet i'm dealing with these problems!
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    80ºC won't kill your card, it's quite normal for GPU to reach that much temperature under heavy load. High temperatures reduce the efficiency of the component and increases its wear and tear, which ultimately in 3-4 years may lead to its complete failure. It takes that much time because no one puts the GPU under that much stress 24/7. Gaming period in a single day is quite limited.

    If you're sure that stuttering in games is because of temperatures and not because of card's inability to run the game above 30fps then you need to look for some cooling solutions for your computer\GPU.
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