Thinking about switching to Win 8 but I have concerns

This is probably the biggest debate out there at the moment, aside between choosing intel over amd or nvidia over amd. Honestly, I really don't care. Anyways, to my question.

I have Win 7 Home premium 64x right now and I'm very happy with it. I was thinking about trying Win 8 but I have some concerns about it, mostly about compatibility. I play some older games [Age of Empires, Quake, Civilizations III/IV, etc] and I already have a hard enough time getting them to work on Win 7. I was thinking about dropping back down to XP but I was wondering if those games run fine on Win 8.

Again, I don't want any replies about which one is best, I just want to know FROM PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW if those games work on Win 8. If not then I'll stay on Win 7 or maybe dual boot Win XP. Also for those that it concerns, compatibility mode doesn't really help either so I'm assuming its the same on Win 8 unless someone tells me otherwise.
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  1. Windows 8.1 is a really good system...I really didn't like it until I have tried long as you have a large screen it isn't bad and it is still the "same windows" open not a tablet os for idiots....

    With regards to your question there are some info here:

    If you have Win 7 64 then Win 8 64 should run the same game...
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    I just created a topic myself so I thought I'd help someone out in return. (thinking out loud, is that a sign of insanity?)

    I know that many of the newer games gets an FPS boost from upgrading to Win8.1. Microsoft make a habit of releasing the newest DirectX to their newest version of Windows only.

    You can get a WinXP emulator, they work pretty decent. How they'll function in games I do not know. I use it for CAD applications.

    Here is an alternative to the emulator.

    Oh and if you, like me, could murder the the sidebar on Windows 8.1 there are ways to disable it.
  3. Age of empires 3 runs perfectly in windows 8, I have it.
  4. Age of empires 3 runs perfectly in windows 8, I have it.
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