Front panel audio jacks not working


Im using the following:
MSI 970A-G46 motherboard;
Apex SK-393 case (which is said to support HD audio jacks);
Windows 7;
Realtek HD Audio.

I have assembled the whole thing by myself.
I did plug in the front panel audio cables into the motherboard.
The 4 USB ports in the front panel are working fine.

The rear audio jacks are all working fine.

When i plug in something in the front panel audio jacks, Realtek and Windows both detect it.
When I look at the device (in windows playback devices), the device shows a volume bar thats moving, like if it was playing sound, however no sound actually comes out of the headphones.
The front panel mic does get detected as well, but it will not pick up any sound ever.

I have already tried the following:
in the BIOS, disable HD audio (tried with and without);
in Realtek HD audio manager, disable front panel detection (tried with and without);
update drivers;
manually download and install most recent drivers;
download and install AC97 drivers (when i had HD audio disabled in BIOS).

none of my devices are disabled;
none of them are muted either;
all of them are at maximum volume.

So, any ideas why my pc detects the headphones and mics, but is unable to produce any output / input anything out of em?
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  1. The front panel cable should have both an AC 97 and an HD Audio connector. You should be using the HD Audio connector on that MB. Therefore, you need to install the HD Audio driver, not the AC 97 driver.

    The AC 97 is a legacy sound system that is not used anymore on modern boards.
  2. I have both dirvers installed, HD audio and AC97.

    I only had HD audio installed for the first part, tried everything with that, then installed the AC97.

    Currently I have the HD audio drivers running.
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    You should uninstall the AC97 driver. In fact, do this:
    1) Uninstall both audio drivers. In BIOS, be sure HD audio is enabled.
    2) run Driver Sweeper from SAFE MODE, check any audio driver boxes, and have it remove any remnants of any AUDIO drivers it can find
    3) Re-boot and let windows install its default audio driver.

    If you don't have sound after that, there is something wrong with the audio chip.
    If you do have sound with the Win7 default driver, then install the HD AUDIO driver from the driver disk that came with the MB.
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