Computer dying when I play games

This problem was happening on my old computer, which needed to be replaced anyway, so I bought a whole new one. It seems like whenever the computer begins to draw too much power it shuts off instantly. You can really hear the comp start to rev up to begin playing a game and then woosh. could this be caused by a faulty surge protector? I honestly know nothing about computers/electricity. Trying to figure out if maybe I should buy a new one, or use an extension to a different outlet, or what
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    Is it a custom build or a premade by a brand? Did you recycle any parts from your old computer?

    Assuming its brand new, and not sure what the electrics are like in your house, it wouldn't hurt to try a different outlet. I know in my apartment for example, there's certain outlets they told us had a dedicated fuse, and thus could plug in our window air conditioners in. Maybe your dealing with something similar?

    Let us know what kind of build you have.
  2. You should use core temp or hwinfo to check your temps because it sounds like you are overheating.
  3. What is the make/model of your power supply? It sounds like it isn't adequate for the system.
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