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I purchased a Razer Kraken Pro headset the other day. The end that you plug into the tower comes with a splitter where one plugs into the audio jack and the other plugs into the mic jack. I'm having an issue because the audio jack in the front works, but the mic jack in the front doesn't, and the mic jack in the back works, but the audio jack in the back doesn't. Plus, since the splitter only splits about 3-4 inches of the wire, I cannot plug one part of the wire into the front of the tower and the other part into the back. I am guessing it has something to do with my audio settings in the control panel, but I haven't found anything to fix it. I just need both the audio and mic jacks to work either in the front or the back and my problem will be solved. Thanks
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  1. what's your Audio controller sir? is it realtek
  2. what if we do have realtek audio? I have the same problem and I have realtek audio
  3. Go into the windows and then realtek(realtek audio manager) config and make sure all are setup correctly. It could also the front jacks loose/not working. It's a common problem.
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