can overclocking a cpu slow down your ram speed?

i have a amd 6300 that i over clocked with a hyper 212 evo to 4.3 hz with no voltage increase i also have vulcan 8gb ddr3 1600 ram and it should be running at 1600 but when i look in cpuz under memory then dram frequency 666.6 mhz so im wondering if by over clocking my cpu it made my ram slower or am im looking in the wrong spot or if that is correct can i set it back to 1600 mhz any help is appreciated thanks
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  1. Yes !!!! The more you overclock your CPU the less frequency your ram will be providing in most cases. This is due because the RAM needs to match up the CPU speed. After I overclocked my FX 8350 to 5GHz, my 1866 ram went down to 1333. If you wish to go higher then you need to set up higher timings and that gets your ram slower as you're increasing latency. There's videos on Youtube in which you can see 1866 performing better than 2133 and that's because of the timings.
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    Yes dear remember when overclocking CPU system will automatically adjust mobo and RAM settings because both have to communicate with CPU and to have parity and ensure stability system could either increase or decrease the RAM bus speed depending upon the architecture and situation.

    Having said that you can change the RAM setting manually with minimal increment in multiplier at a time and every time you'll have to check the system for stability. Continue doing that till your system no longer remains stable and that's it. You've reached max under the given situation.

    During this overall OCing process you'll also loose RAM speed so there is apparently no difference in outcome. Bus speeds higher (say 1866MHz) than the stock speed (1333 MHz) can overcome the higher latency timings but in case during CPU OCing your RAM is already operating at lower than the stock speed there will hardly be any gain unless you crossed the 1333/1600 MHz which is hard to reach.

    Happy Hunting!
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