Which is the better POWER SUPPLY?

Im torn between Seasonic M12ii 750w Bronze and Corsair RM650 GOLD. . I know that the gold is better than bronze but i always use seasonic because of its reliability . . I wanna hear to those PSU Experts here which is the better choice? Price is not a problem here. A BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE! and 650 is more than enough for my build.
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    Both are fantastic manufacturers so you cannot split hairs on quality. in order to get to 80+ gold you need higher grade components, So if 650W will supply your needs then I would go with that as it will be cooler and more quiet, along with save you a little on your electrical bill.
  2. both are nice (my personal fav is seasonic). if you cannot pick one, then base your choice on other factors, like price, warranty, ease of RMA, looks, cable length, etc.
  3. Thank you guys for taking time to answer. . Ill be going with the corsair gold for its flat cables for easy cable management and gold certification . . the price difference between this 2 products is like 10$ from who i would get them from.
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