Can I use my current PSU?

So i am thinking of buying a geforce gtx 660 and it says that the minimum PSU wattage required is 450W. My current PSU only is 300W. Would I still be able to use the graphics card on my current setup without having to get a new PSU?
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    Dear, You'll have to buy PSU with 500W. I don't know about your current system specs hence 450W is a must. It is appropriate to have a bit more than the required one in PSU.
  2. So which power supply did you take
  3. I ended up getting a 550W PSU.
  4. I hope it was a quality 550w. Not all PSU's are created equal. Some significantly lie about capability of their PSU's.
  5. Good to know this. Which model/make
  6. Cooler Master GX2
  7. Those are decent enough PSU's.
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