Sound Issues after Graphics Card Installation

So, I've just installed a GTX 780 into my system and right after that, the audio output stops working. Thinking it was a Razer Surround Issue, I uninstalled Razer Surround and reinstalled the Realtek drivers. After that, I was able to hear sound from the front panel output again, but only CERTAIN sounds. Like, when I play a song, I can only hear vocals or well, something like that, it varies. In games I also do not hear all sounds.

My specs:
Intel Core i7 3770
Leadtek GTX 780 3GD5
750W PSU
1TB WD Blue

Please help??
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  1. Have you set the default Audio Device to the one on which the Speakers are connected and not the HDMI Audio?
  2. Yes. I have! That's the problem! I can HEAR sounds, but not all!
  3. By the way, my integrated audio IS enabled. I've checked.
  4. Nevermind. I found the source of the problem. I accidentally pulled the front panel cable loose. =P
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