Computer Turns On For 1 Second, Then Off.

When I start my computer it the lights and fans turn on for about 1 second, then it all turns off. There is no display on the screen.
I tested out the PSu in another computer, and it caused it to have the same problem. So i requested a warranty, and got a new PSU. After plugging all that it my computer is still having the same problem.
I did the paper clip test on the new PSU, the PSU fan turns on for 1 second then it turns off.
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  1. The replacement PSU must be faulty too, may be a bad batch supplied to the vendor.
    If possible, try to get it replaced with a different make or request a refund and so you can buy from elsewhere.
    For good measure, I would still suggest you buy a different make even if you buy from elsewhere..
  2. Umm have you got the CPU 4/8 pin header plugged into the PSU?
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