Accidentally uninstall my video card from device manager

Like the title said
before it happen, device manager read my display is HD 7660D (iGPU)
but now
the Display is "Standard VGA Graphic Adapter" and now my resolution is 1024x720
i tried install the driver , but nothing happen. And i got some problem when installing like "the INF file not found" , and "Problem occured"
and i tried using amd auto detection , still does not work

anyone please help m
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    If this is a store bought computer like Dell, Compaq, ASUS, etc... you'll need to go to that companies web site and download the graphics driver. You'll probably have to un-zip the driver package to un-compress the graphics card driver (INF File) so when you attempt to install the driver, you'll likely get the "INF file not found" error message, but you'll be able to direct the install program to the appropriate file location.

    If this is a custom system you or a friend built, you can download drivers directly from AMD.

    -Wolf sends
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