Is this a decent Gaming build for about 1400.00?

It is

Case - MSI w/ custom backlit keyboard
CPU - 4th gen Intel i7 2.4 ghz w boost up to 3.4
RAM - 8gb
6mb level 3 cache(I think, going off memory)
GPU - Nvidia GeForce 770m w 3gb Dedicated Graphics
Screen Size - 15.6" w/ Full 1080P HD

If you need more specs let me know. If this doesnt seem like it will play most games at the very least at high or medium without framerate issues please recommend one around the same price for me. Thanks in advance guys and gals!
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    Looks pretty decent, if you want to take a look, here's some benchmarks for that graphics chip:

    Looks like it'll play games at High settings pretty darn well.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the input!
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