Laptop Heating Too Much... Help!!

Guys I need Help.. My system heats up too much.. And this heating also leads to the slowing of the system.. If it is critical it also causes hanging and strucking ( but it is only when in critical state).. :)

When Ever I Play a heavy game (not much heavy but like gta SanAndreas or FIFA, etc) or runs my laptop for more than 1 Hour it often gets heat up..
An additionaly I can also hear the sound of running of fans..

I am running Laptop of "Dell" i.e. DELL LATITUDE E5400..

System Specs
Windows 7 Ultimate


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00 GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB
System Type: 32-bit Operation System


I want to know that how to stop this over heating.. I often use a softwere to check the temperature
of the laptop which after a one hour use reaches to 86 degree Celcius.. Which is really a serious
thing... However when it is in normal position it rounds about 45 degree celcius which I think is Normal...
Any Help in putting this overheating down will be appericiated.. And I want to know that is there any softwere to check processor speed (i think i don't knw) ... And to turn it to the normal speed.. Is there seriously something like tht.. If yes then please tell me...

Thanks In Advance.
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    Most laptops are not intended for heavy gaming.However if you do buy a laptop cooler to cool it.
    also dont play while it is placed on bed or a cloth that covers its vents


    place your laptop on top of it and play
  2. Anytime you make any computer (desktops will do this too if the airflow isn't good enough) work hard, it will produce more heat. It is just an unfortunate reality of using a computer. Laptops just tend to be more susceptible due to being more compact.

    That being said, have you cleaned out the insides of your laptop recently?

    On my computers, I use CoreTemp to monitor temperatures.

    If your processor is slowing down because of the heat, that is a safety feature to keep from damaging the processor. There's not a way to override it.

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