Cpu Heating issues, desperatly need Help!

Hey guys I really need help on this.

I have an I7 2700K @ 4.3 Ghz
with a Arctic freeze 13 cooler.

Last week i was rendering some 3d footage and my cpu temps skyrocketed to 85° degrees. That never happened before. For the past 1 1/2 years it was between 60-70° degrees under heavy load, so I reaplied thermal paste, which didnt help at all. I was still hitting 85°.

I had a coolermaster Elite 430 case which I didn´t like that much so I decided to buy a new case The Bitfenix Shinobi and a new cooler the Katana 4.
I rebuild my whole system from the ground up and cleaned every single component.

I have very good airflow with two 120mm Be quite Fans in the front and one in the back. With the new Katana 4 cooler my idle Temps are 40° and with prime 95 stresstest for 20 mins I was hitting 80° wich are to high for my taste.
I downclocked the cpu to stock clocks and it made no difference for the temps. I cleaned of the thermal paste and reaplied it again, still exactly the same temps.

What could be wrong?

The system runs rockstable even with the high temps it has never crashed.

My system:
Intel I 7 2700k
16 gb Ram Corsair
Gtx 770 Gigabyte OC
Gigabyte UDH3 Motherboard.

Thank you guys for the help.
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  1. I would check to ensure the fan speed management has not been changed and that the voltage has not been increased for some reason.
  2. I will check the BIOS right away, thank you for the swift reply.
  3. I set all Bios settings back to default.

    Idle temps are still around 40° which sound quite high.
    I am running Prime 95 CPU Torture test as I am typing this and the temps are at 66°, much better then the 80° I had before.

    Maybe the Katan 4 is just a pretty bad cooler and not made for any overclocking, which sucks because it was recomended to me and I bought it yesterday.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think your katana purchase was a bit unfortunate.
    I would have looked for a cooler with a 120 or 140mm fan like noctua or phanteks.
    Katana uses a pushpin mount which can be tricky.
    Look at the back of your motherboard to verify that all 4 pins are through and locked.
    The cooler should not wiggle at all if you try to move it.
    The key is to push down on diagonal pairs while installing.

    Too much paste is bad, it will act as an insulator. only a drop in the center is needed. It will spread out under heat and pressure. It may take a few weeks to get to max effectiveness.

    But, do not worry too much.
    The cpu will downclock or shut off to protect itself if it gets too hot.
    That temperature is in the 100c. range.

    Prime95 I think is not as comprehensive a test as OCCT, you might try that.
  5. Thank you for the reply geofelt,

    I really regret having purchased the Katan 4, it´s seated rocksolid but was a real hassle to install.
    Next time i will follow your advice and buy a cooler with a bigger fan.

    After putting the Bios settings and clocks all to default/Stock again my Idles are sitting at 35° and full load 67° which is totally ok.
    I think I will leave them at stock for the time being or at least wait until the cooling paste has reached it´s maximum effect. this cooler just doesnt have the cooling power for overclocking it seems.
    I followed the pea drop in the middle rule when aplying the cooling paste so I hope it will be ok.

    Thank you all for replying:
    Lesson learned - Katan 4 cooler not good for overclocking :)

    Thanks again guys.
  6. For paste, I recommend following Arctic Silvers line method for most users(easy and ensures a good spread for most people).

    I have also had good luck with the plastic bag method(dab some paste and smooth it with your finger in a clean plastic bag).
  7. The plastic bag method sounds quite good!
  8. some users are against it, but I have used it from time to time with good results(it does end up wasting more paste however[since some will stick to the bag] so that should be taken into consideration).
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