FAN's wont work help please

I have installed everything besides the RAM and the Hard Driven all of the wires are connected from the case to the MB (that I see) the CPU fan is connected to the MB as well but they wont run?? could this be because I don't have the RAM installed??
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  1. A computer won't boot without RAM. Put the ram in, then try to power it up.
  2. Shouldn't the fans at least work even without the RAM it just wont post?
  3. The computer will not apply power to the system without the ability to run POST. You will get a few lights showing that power is supplied... but that is about as far as you are going to get.
  4. Heh, sorry for all the stupid like responses I am first time building, so I was just curious as to why the fans would not run prior to not having the RAM, I was wanting to make sure that I had everything connected properly as of now I do not have the RAM yet but next week I will.
  5. not a problem.

    Your computer needs 4 things before it will do anything:
    -CPU (with cooler!)

    If any one of those components are missing then it does it's best imitation of a paperweight.
  6. I see so none of the fans will run without a POST?
    and also I am unsure if I had even plugged in the case fans?? into the MB.. I have a thing int he back of the case where the cable management is and it has fans connected to that that is far as I know.. any advice on that would be much helpful.. such as what kind of cable it would be or any type of label it will have..
  7. OK, so a lesson on Pc power management:

    You may notice when building the computer that the PSU has a large master kill switch on it, but then has no on-off button. The way things work is that the PSU supplies just a little bit of power to the motherboard at all times. This runns things like BIOS, the clock, and a few other odds and ends. The power button for the system also plugs into the motherboard, which is then routed to the PSU. If the motherboard is in a state that it is not ready to POST (power on self test), then it will not relay the power on command from the power button to the PSU, so the entire system remains in an off state.

    If you jump the right pins on the PSU's motherboard connector then you can bypass all of this and get the PSU to turn on... but I advise against this unless you know what you are doing... and you are not qualified for that quite yet.

    The fans will typically have a 3pin or 4pin fan header. On your motherboard you will find 1 4pin PWM fan controller for the CPU fan, and typically 2-4 other 3pin fan connectors which may or may not be controlled by software to be able to select a speed. The manual will have a page that points out where you can plug the fans in on the board.

    The other option is to get a fan controller where you can plug all of your fans (except for the CPU and GPU), and then manually control their speed (and noise) to what you want. I like to run my system at a constant RPM because I occasionally do recording and it is much easier to filter out what little noise the system makes if it is constant rather than variable, so I have all of my case and GPU fans (because I am using a rather odd GPU cooler this is possible) on a manual controller, and then I set my CPU to a specific speed unless it tries to go thermonuclear on me. While this works great for my setup, most people will want to use a more intelligent controller as found on most motherboards.

    Note that while a 3pin fan can plug into a 4pin slot, a 4pin fan may not work properly in a 3pin slot. It may work, but you may not have any control over the fan speed.

    None of your fans will work until you can turn the PSU on, and you can't do that until your motherboard will POST, and that won't happen until you have ram... so it sounds like you have a bit of time to wait.
  8. Speaking of the "jumping" the power supply I have tested that before as I was curious as if the PSU would work and it does :) I am not all that noob-ness? lol to what I am doing I am more or less on an adventure of figuring as to how things work and where everything is suppose to be plugged into, which I have tried fallowing the MB user manual which helps a heap ton!.. cause I know not all MB have same lay out umm far as the fans go perhaps I posted a picture maybe that will give you a better idea as to what I may be speaking of?? - just for if you were curious as to how it is coming around and for giggles.. just being proud of what I have done so far

    Edit I just uploaded on facebook eh it works xD
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