New to overclocking have more than one question

1. how long do you keep your processor overclocked?
2. will overclocking my i7-3770k to 4.5 ghz be bad if I have an after market water cooler?(H50 corsair)
3. what program is best for monitoring overclocking and processor speeds and temps?
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  1. 1) not sure what you mean by how long, but you can run your overclock for the life of your processor?
    2)the h50 is not really designed to be overclocked on but you should be able to hit about that number if you arent going near full load
    3) give hwinfo64 a try seems the best for be but it doesnt like my asus board due to some sensor issues that it reccommends disabling , if I bypass them i see all my vrm temps etc but under high load it causes lag in my games.
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    1. Most if not everyone leaves their overclock running 100% of the time.
    2. The only thing bad about overclocking is the additional voltage which generates additional heat. This is nothing to be worried about if you have a good after market cooler so your water cooler should be fine.
    3. There are several programs that will monitor your speed and temps such as core temp, HwInfo and Speccy.

    Edit: If the water cooler isn't going to work as the above posted mentions then you'll need to look into something more effective obviously.
  3. thanks I think neieus answered my questions the best just making sure my water cooler will do the job of keeping my expensive cpu in safe temps
  4. Questions 1 and 2 answered above, another good utility is open hardware monitor (its free). Its easy to use and set up and also has a desktop gadget. Just find one you like and use it. Real temp has a thermal alarm you can set so it gives an audible cue when it hits a set point which is handy. Speed fan is another good one and also gives you some control over fan speeds. Try them all and find one you like. All of the software mentioned in the posts do basically the same thing.
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