MOBO recommendation please!!

I'm purchasing a new CPU (the fx 8350) and case (Rosewill Throne) and I'd like a new MOBO with internal USB 3.0 connectors so that I can take advantage of the ports on my case as well as needing an overall upgrade. It needs to be AM3+ and have plenty of room for expansion ( plenty of sata ports etc....). I've been looking at the Asus crosshair v formula z but it seems to be out of stock on newegg so I might have to get an alternative, so I'd like to know if I should wait it out or is there a comparable upgrade? BTW this is my mobo now

Any help is always appreciated.
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    If you are wanting the Asus mobo, here are some alternate sources:
  2. Wow thank you.... I guess it was kind of ignorant of me to not even think to try and find it somewhere else haha :/
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