How to separate headphone volume from speaker volume

Hi, I'm trying to get my audio to work for a steam game call of duty world at war for my headphones. However when i plug in my headphones in the playback devices file it says only speakers are plugged in, which frustrates me because in order to get my game to work i have to access my headphones not my speakers which is an enormous problem for me so if anybody knows how to fix this please say.
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  1. Go to control panel, right click on the device you want to use, and set as default device.
  2. Are your headphones USB or analog?

    Try going into your sound options, and select your headphones as the primary audio device. After you have that selected then open your game and it should work correctly.
  3. A set of headphones will typically appear as speakers when you plug them in. Do you hear sound from them? Do you still hear sound from the speakers after you've plugged in the headphones? If the latter, is it possible your front panel audio jacks are not connected? Is this a PC you built?
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