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Downloads getting corrupted for no reason.

Last response: in Wireless Networking
February 7, 2014 11:05:07 AM

Well guys i have a new problem for some reason what ever i download from my browser google chrome just gets corrupted, or doesn't downloads the file fully. If i am downloading a 10mb file it is downloaded only 3mb and says finished downloading. I have noticed this from my browser(Recently) and utorrent (long before). I have no idea what is the problem with this. I have my antivirus disable and i have no idea what is interrupting it or why does that happen. Could anyone help me please. Some times it downloads the whole file but some times it just corrupts it. Before i had download mw3 (uttorrent)and it got corrupted. I have no idea what is going on.

Update: I have a terrible ISP too. My 20mb internet is good at the morning but at the evening i get unstable less than 1mb internet. I don't know why.
Is it because of ISP, Like may be some info sent by the internet gets lost resulting in half downloaded files.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3

Best solution

February 7, 2014 11:49:40 AM

Who is your ISP? Also, does this corrupted file issue occur with other systems on your network (assuming you have more than one)?

BTW, you should not have to disable your anti-virus program in order to download files. In fact, you could have a virus or other malware affecting your system. It would be a good idea to perform full virus and malware scans.

What network adapter (wired or wireless) are you using? Are its drivers updated?
February 7, 2014 12:24:02 PM

I would run memtest86 overnight.