Need help choosing between two Gigabyte high-end motherboards

i'm going to build a haswell rig, and need help choosing between two different motherboards
the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Force
and the GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 5

I will be using this computer for heavy gaming and heavy video editing. i'm planing on using the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 4gb as my graphics card. And in the future i plan on buying one or two more and using sli. i'm also planning on using an intel i7 4770k. In the near future i'm would like to overclock my processor so the easier it is to overclock the better :)
i'm also wandering if there is a better motherboard that you would recommend over the two motherboards linked above.

any help is appreciated.
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    Honestly unless you are planning on liquid nitrogen cooling, I'd go with a motherboard that's more in the $200 range. In doing so, it's no longer about performance, but rather having the options that you personally need. Both those motherboards will suite you fine, but you won't notice a difference in performance.

    When picking a motherboard take into account
    1. how many hard drives = look for the right amount of sata ports
    2. how many gpu = look for pci slots (both the ones you picked are capable of quad sli
    3. how many pci-e slots= how many other cards like raid cards, sound cards, stuff like that do you want
    4. back panel io= look for one that has whatever you personally want, rather than getting one that overloads you with options you will never use

    personally i just think you are spending a little more money than you actually need to in this case, and you could easily spend $100 less to get just as good for your needs.
    even a $150 mobo will let you overclock the tits off your processor, so keep this in mind as well.

    for ease of overclocking, they are all pretty much the same, though some have pre built in overclock profiles (asrock and msi are good for the one touch overclocking, as well as asus).

    So i've pretty much given you all the recommendations, as those two motherboards are overkill unless you plan to quad sli, and or L2N cool for extreme overclocking.

    keep in mind color scheme too if this is important to you :D
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