A10 7850K + MSI A88X G43 What Catalyst version do you use?

Hello, this is a new build running Win 8.1. Windows runs fine and seems stable using the default MS Basic Display Adapter. I am not running any games, intensive software, or a discreet GPU. I am using integrated DVI and HDMI or VGA. I cannot seem to get ANY version of Catalyst to install. I have tried the driver DVD that came with the MB, the official MSI update from their web site, the latest 13.301 from the AMD site, and the BETA 14.1 from AMD. During install, after stating: Installing Display Drivers, the screen will go blank and the PC will be un-responsive (I know it does this, but should come back within 20min right?) Between each install, I remove all AMD software in CP and scrub the drivers. I have updated the BIOS that came on MB from 3.2 to 3.3 to get as release notes said "Improved CPU compatibility", but all Catalyst versions seem to fail still. I will need to RMA soon if need be. I love a challenge but this is ridiculous. Has anyone else used this APU with this MB? If so, what Catalyst version did you use?
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  1. Something is at fault, either board or CPU since it will not run in 3d. RMA looks to be the only option and I would just do both not knowing which it is.
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