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currently have a i8400 3.4 with 4 g's memory and a gtx 260 video card with windows 7. I built it as a gaming machine a couple years ago. I can play the games I want but sometimes recently now the screen freezes. Mainly play shogun two total war. Based on another forum (tw shogun)the symptoms are of a video card possibly going south. It was totally fine up till recently.
I was thinking up picking up a nvidea 5 or 6 series on ebay. I didnt want to spend a bunch of money though because this fall was thinking of building another full blown system. I just wanted to get something that will get me through a couple months thats slightly better than now but not too expensive(around $100
). Opinions?
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  1. the 7790 is the best bang for your buck gpu out there right now for those on a low budget
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