Brand new Athlon II x4 760K problem.

Hello there,

I recently bought a new gaming pc. After putting all the components together i noticed something wrong with my cpu. The temps of the cpu are very high and unstable.
On idle it hangs around 60 degrees. When browsing it varies between 65-75 degrees Celsius.
Now when opening a game the cpu becomes very hot and it hangs around 95 degrees Celsius. I even saw a max temp of 103!.

I just got the pc components yesterday and i have made sure the stock cooler sits nice in place. I have no idea why this is happening since everything is brand new basically except for the Harddisk and Gpu. I also installed a clean copy of windows.

First thing i noticed is that my cpu volts is pretty high around 1.4v. I am not sure if this is normal with this cpu. I cannot change it in the bios since my mobo does not support it.

pc specs:

cpu: Athlon II x4 760k (richland)
mobo: msi fm2 a55 e33
ram: corsair vengeance 2x 2gb ddr3 1600mhz
gpu: asus gtx 560 se
psu: corsair cx430

I am going to buy a Cooler master hyper 212 evo to see if it helps out a bit. I am just worried if i got a faulty cpu from the store.

I hope anyone can help me with this problem.

Thank you for your time and hopefully some answers.

Ps; English is not my native language sorry for the bad spelling.
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  1. Did you take the plastic off the bottom of the heatsink and did you plug the fan in on the CPU fan connection on the motherboard? I only ask because I have seen people forget to do both. :lol: Also check and make sure that is secured tightly. I have had issue before where I thought it was and when I moved my system, the bracket popped off because it was right at the edge. Fortunately I caught it before I turned the system on.
  2. i didnt saw any plastic on the cooler, i looked the cpu cooler very well in place.
    thats why its so strange i dont know what it might be.
    i dont have any new termal paste atm else i would remove the cpu cooler to double check
  3. dont get confused! like most ppl do by the "package temp"!
    the CPU temp is seen on the "TMPIN1" or "TMPIN2" OR EVEN "TMPIN0"
    the program sometimes gets confused
  4. Try CoreTemp; see what it says.
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    OK! Dont panic! CPu temps are off for these chips, i learned this myself. Use the software that came with your motherboard, in your case MSI CLickBIOS. This shows temps that the BIOS reads as anything else is hugely offset. at my CPu speed of 4.5ghz my 760k is supposedly at 120+ degrees in HW monitor whereas Easytune6 , GIGABYTE's CPu tuning utility shows 61.
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