Best red LED fans for radiators and case use for overclocking

As I said up top I'm looking for the best red LED fans for radiators using a push pull configuration and for just overall case use
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  1. This fan looks pretty good → when in "Power" mode it has a CMF of 82.6. Which while I was looking at all the fans noticed it was pretty high for a 120mm fan. Probably because it uses dynamic fluid bearings instead of sleeve bearings.
  2. I don't know about that brand and I'm looking for something with anti vibration corners

    Thank you
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    I believe anti-vibration corners to be a sales gimmick. Cheap rubber/vinyl/plastic O-rings or grommets are available at any hardware store, and any decent fan gasket will work to do the same. Better to 'customize' a good fan that meets you needs and tastes, than to settle for a cheap one or pay more for one, all for the sake of rubberized corner doohickeys
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