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what PSU should I get I am currently running a 240W PSU from HP my PC is a HP DC7900 SFF I wanted to know what PSU I can upgrade to as I think my one I am using is slowly failing because recently I plugged in a HD 4550 graphic card also to help i removed the CD ROM as i do not need it. The reason I think that its failing is because very rarely the PC would freeze when I am web Browsing and using Microsoft Office like once an hour freezes for a minute

Below is my PSU cables that is compatible with motherboard
PSU Spec

I do have a spare PSU which is the same one from my old HP which I think is in better shape as there were no problem with it with a ATI Radeon x1300 PRO

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  1. If this is a match for your psu:
    It's not a standard form factor like ATX12V or SFX12V, so I'd be surprised if you can upgrade to a stronger psu without also getting a new case.
  2. Yes that's the one but can I upgrade it
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    If you could find one with the exact same size, shape, and mounting mechanism, you could upgrade it with the same case, but I don't see a name for that form factor, so I wouldn't even know how to search for one. Also, that psu seems very compact, so I seriously doubt there are any more powerful psus at the same size. Using the spare 240W you've got might not be enough either, because according to this:
    The recommendation for an hd 4550 is a 300W psu with 20 amps on the +12V rails.
  4. can I add CX500 500W if I leave the case open as I don't mind leaving the case open also is the connectors compatible with the motherboard same conectors as previous psu
  5. That won't look very nice, but it should work.
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