when using an adapter on windows xp to connect to wireless router, won't accept my password? What to do?

I have a new Netgear router which works great on all devices that are wireless but I use a Netgear adapter on my windows xp computer. It tells me that the router is working but I cannot get on the internet and when I try to put in my password it will not accept it.
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    what is the routers security mode set as?

    is it WEP, WPA, or WPA-PSK or something else? as far as I know this is all xp supports if its something else like WPA2 or something then xp wont support it as far as I know and you will have to change your security method to one of these three or run it disabled.

    that's where i luck out i don't have another home within 400 feet of my home so i leave it disabled. my wifi doesn't even reach the 100 feet to my fence from my home. so in my case only people up by my home can steal my wifi but then they would be trespassing and out would come my gun :)
  2. If you have never run this xp computer with WPA/WPA2 security before you likely need to apply patches to XP. I think you need to go to SP3.
  3. Yes, XP needs SP3 to support WPA2 encryption, which is the default on most routers nowadays.
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