Mid to High end Pc build with unique twist, a multi OS system without bootloader, does it work?

So hey there, this is my first post and it is going to be long :)
I have been building a pc with the past few weeks, a Mid to High end Pc, since I needed something faster and more powerfull then my old Laptop.
I will be using it mainly for Video editing, Photo Editing, game, app and OS developing/programming in a few differnt Languages and maybe some heavy gaming.
Here are the parts that I have so far:


I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this build.
But first let me explain why I chose these parts:
Good performence, good OC, OK price

a beast of a card, should handel everything well, but open to suggestions

CPU Cooler

I am kinda afraid of these really big air coolers, I dont want to risk anything by building a custom rig and this should be very good.


serves its purpose, I need lots of usb and sata ports, and I like Asus. Any other suggestions?

Is 16 gig enough? Or should i go higher?


Could use help on that, how much watt, which model, Modular or not?

And the rest I am getting anyway, pretty set on that.

Now on to the Unique twist.
I need Win 7 (best driver support, Photoshop runs well on it), Os X Mavericks (because of Final cut pro, part of my work flow, yo :wahoo: and because I develop for iOS, its just easier on Mac) and Ubuntu (doing some development with that), and maybe Win 8.1 later on.

So obvioulsy I am biulding a hackintosh, and i pretty much know how to do it, but what is unique is this:
I got 3 SSD's for each of the operating systems, since i am planning to go without a bootloader. reason is that I need the OS and some programs to be on an SSD and 2 Terabyte SSD's are not that common yet. And also accoplishing a triple boot is kinda hard, and I need a stabel and functioning system.
So what I was planning to do is first install Win 7 on one ssd, unplug the sata cable, install mac os on the other and do the same for ubuntu on the third ssd.
Then plug all sata canles back in and then whenever I need a certain OS I would change the boot order in the Bios (Asus makes this really easy by allowing you to name hardrives).

Now this is a somewhat stupid question, but would that work? I have not seen that anywhere on the Internet, but I think it most certainly should work.
Any thoughts?

That pretty much concludes this post, I would greatly appreciate you guys feedback, especially on the unique part.
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  1. I would save hassle by using one of these, or something similar:
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    On second though, no. I would not use one of those switches. I would boot Windows 7 and then run everything else in a VM. That's what I do on my laptop.
  3. I agree that I wouldnt use that box, but I actually have to do work in Mac OS, and using a Virtual Box is up to six times slower than the actual os, and that is really hard to work with. But generally, would my idea of changing the boot order in the bios work, or are there any restrictions by a os?
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