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Ping Spikes on PC.

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February 7, 2014 4:15:22 PM

Hello guys,

For past couple of days, I've been getting ping spikes on my PC. Ping jumping from 60ms to 3000 for 2-3secs, which is not a problem when it goes to browsing, but gaming..well you know :)  I am using wired connection. Also I recently started seeing packet loss indicator on my PS4 while playing BF4.

I did run some PING test that you can see below:

Ping to Router:
You won't see that here, but sometimes I also get packet loss.
Ping to ISP Website:
Ping to Google:
Ping to League of Legends server:

And two traceroute test as well:

Trace Route to ISP website
Trace Route to

One thing - everything seems to work on my GFs laptop. Pings are fine, nth is jumping on Wired on Wireless connection.

I would be glad if someone could at least help me to identify the issue. If its my pc that is faulty or ISP.

Thank you in advance.


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February 8, 2014 1:55:06 AM

Can't view the pics yet, imgur's servers are "over capacity", but I will take a crack at this. To narrow it down, we need to locate the source of error. If you do not experience the same problem on your girlfriend's laptop, then it does not appear to be an ISP issue. Since the problem occurs both in wired and wireless mode, we can rule out a connection problem, such as faulty wires.

My guess is you have a program running in the background that sporadically uses some of your bandwidth If you are running windows, I would start by doing a full scan using MalwareBytes Free Edition. Just to be sure you searched every square byte possible, head on over to HijackThis's website and give it a download. Copy the results to This website will rate the legitimacy of your entries.

The symptoms along with the spontaneous onset leads me to believe this is a malware problem. Double check over your list of running tasks and see if there is anything fishy looking. If your problem persists shoot a reply and we can look further into this. If the problem only occurred on either wired or wireless we could assume a connection issue. Look forward to hearing back, include some misc details next time as well, such as router model numbers and network setup, also any recent changes you may have made in the past few days.

February 8, 2014 3:02:51 AM

I checked everything, problem is still the same.

My router details along with settings:

I did not make any changes recently. I can say that my router wasn't working to well, I had to reset it few times to get my connection running again. I'm not sure if I can blame router while everything works fine on laptop and only my PC is an issue.

I think I'll go with the most common issue solver - FORMAT.