Installed a an FX9370 without sufficient cooling and got an immediate shut off when windows booted. Is the CPU likely damaged?

As the title says. I'm assuming the reason for the immediate shut down was temperature, since the board recognized the CPU fine.I thought my h55 was good but didn't do enough research. Is it likely the new CPU is damaged, if it was overheated to the point of shutting off entirely, or will I be alright if I just go buy a better cooler? It only ran that way for 30 seconds to a minute. Also, whats the cheapest cooler I can use to support that CPU safely? My motherboard is a sabretooth 990fx.
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  1. It probably shut off to prevent the damage to the CPU.
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    Probably not. I'd recommend atleast an h80 as the smallest possible watercooler, a noctua DH14 is probably you best choice but is fucking huge, so be sure you have room for it.

    If you were interested in vrm cooling due to the CPU's 1.5v draw and were willing to spend a bit extra the": Zalman Reserator -
    has a fan designed to spread air around the case and move stagnant air from the Vrm's.

    If you want you can try to downvolt the processor aswell. This might lead to instabilities, but would massively reduce heat. (I've ran at max 4.4 ghz on stock voltage w/stock cooler on an 8350. You might have a lot of room to move your voltages and really change the heat output of the processor.
  3. I cool my FX8350 at 5.2 ghz. with the PHANTEKS PH-TC14PE , it's also huge and needs a wide case.
  4. Just get a H100i to be safe and worry free. Don't cheap out.
  5. I don't know about the 9xxx, but I had my 8320 clocked to 4.8 using an h60. You could probably get away with an h80 p/p to be honest. And your chip is fine.
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