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I wanted to get your opinion on these 3 Ti's which one would you get performance/stability/length of use be?
This one is my first choice but I feel like I may be missing an important feature or something else.

Then there is this

But not be as overclocked or what have you straight out of the box? I don't overclock anything unless I have something that keeps me in check and wont allow me to make a fatal mistake. So being overclocked out of the box is better for me but I would trade that for a much cooler and efficient card that I could still possibly OC.
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  1. That is a nice asus 780ti. You could go with the direct cuII version if you want to but I would get this one instead
  2. Get the asus one over the stock on, end of story. you are not missing any features going with the reference one, just getting a worse out of the box. meaning the asus one will likely also run hotter due to higher clocks

    I would recommend getting a non reference design cooler like the direct cuii version or the evga acx cooler (google them)
  3. I'd go the Asus CU version, the EVGA would be my second choice (same price the 03G-P4-2884-KR model)
  4. TRADESMAN whats up man. Yeah like me and tradesman and brantyn said, get the direct cuII version of the 780ti.
  5. TheMohammadmo,

    Same ol', same ol' been rather busy the last ten days or so and not out here as much as I like, picked up a pair of the Asus 780s but haven't really had a chance to play with them yet, am hoping this weekend maybe (LOL, yeah right, like that's going to happen ;) )
  6. Whoops looks like I friggin' copied the wrong link :/ I was wondering what Gerik meant by stock and then the Direct CU one. Sorry guys here's the right one:

    But looks like you guys will still give me the same answer. I dont know why this one is about $200 bucks more, but the Direct CU is the way to go IMHO. Lower temps and same firmware. Wouldn't lower temps also mean quieter cards as well? Its probably a mute or moot point but something I have wondered about. Logic dictates that to be true but we're talking GPU's here ;)
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    That can depend on the fans used, again I like Asus, think the MSI and GB cards are louder and some EVGA
  8. TheMohammadmo said:
    TRADESMAN whats up man. Yeah like me and tradesman and brantyn said, get the direct cuII version of the 780ti.

    Reason he's been so busy is I keep bothering him with stupid questions, lol
  9. lol danscan
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