A good enough System? (AMD)

CPU:AMD Processor FM2 TRINITY A6 5400K 3.8GHz
GPU:GTX 650 Ti 1G DDR5
PSU:Corsair Power Supply VS Series 550W

Could this system run most games on 1920x1080p on medium settings?
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  1. I'd go the extra mile and grab a athlon x4 750k for 20 bucks more.

    Take a look at corsairs CX series and see if its a bit cheaper. They are a bit over rated wattage wise, but decent units overall.
  2. I'm only looking for parts online at a local website,but they don't sell those CPU for some reason :/

    But I found another system,and cheaper too.

    CPU: Intel Core I3 4130
    MOBO: ASrock B85M- ITX
    HDD: WD 1TB Caviar Blue HDD
    Chasis: CM Elite 120 Advance
    PSU: 500W PSU

    It doesn't include a RAM and GPU,but I was thinking of a 4GB RAM and GTX 650

    Good enough?
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    Thats much much better than the previous system. In performance and in future expandability.

    I'd go with that one if you can afford it. Definitely.
  4. Yeah I thought so too.

    Thanks for the help :)
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