What's my real CPU Temp?


I have just literally built my very first PC and am booting it for the first time (for some reason my Windows 8 still works even though I thought I would have to re-install with my DVD...) and was wondering what is a more accurate prediction of my CPU temperature.

In UEFI Bios, it says my temperature at idle is ~45-48C.
However on HWMonitor this is what it says:

with the "package" temp fluctuating between 11-21C but usually staying around 13 or 14.

I am curious why the differences are big and which one is more accurate as well as if I should get a cooler if this is too hot for idle (with some browsing).

Thanks :)
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    12℃ is probably lower than your room temp. That's unlikely.

    Speedfan is another tool than can report temperatures.
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