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The parsonage at our country church has satellite internet access (with a wireless router). We would like to extend that access to our church office. Unfortunately, the church building is across the road from the parsonage (almost 400 feet away), and the church office is on the back side of the church (away from the parsonage) and is also in the basement! In addition, the desktop PC in the church office has no Wi-Fi capability at the moment.

So, what's the best way to get internet access to our church PC? I'm thinking we'd need a Wi-Fi repeater in the front window of the parsonage, another one in the front window of the church building, and then a Wi-Fi to USB adapter at the PC. But I'm a total neophyte when it comes to wireless setups. Would my plan even work? Is there a better way? If repeaters are the way to go, any recommendations?
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  1. Directional antennas are the other option - put a cantenna in the office and a second router (via ethernet, if possible) somewhere higher than the basement.
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    400ft you are likely going to have to use outdoor equipment. You need to put a wireless bridge on the outside of each building and then use a cable to carry it inside. You are going to have to go high enough so tall vehicles driving by do not block your signal.

    Since this is a church I am going to suspect appearance is a factor also. something like a engenius en200 on each end.

    Since realbeast didn't post this I will link the phone he likes.

    This is a nice diagram this company just mostly sells expensive commercial solutions. The engenius is only about $50 and is more than good enough for 400ft.
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