Overclocking an i5-4670k with a z87-g45

Hi guys !

I just bought a z87-g45 and a i5-4670k. I tried OCing it at 4.5 ghz and 1.280V to see if my pc would boot and it didnt. I played a lot with the Voltage to see if I could get the pc to boot at 4.5. It didnt work. Tried 4.4 and I was able to find a way to run p95 for the first like 12 tests. I wasnt able to get over that so I had to go ahead and OC @ 4.2. I have a h80i and my temps at 1.280V werent surpassing 80C during p95.

Got 4 questions :

1. Why am I not able to boot at all @ 4.5ghz ?
2. Why am I getting blue screens when my temps are always below 80?
3. Why am I getting the same blue screen when Im not able to boot @ 4.5ghz (same error)
4. Wtf is this : http://postimg.org/image/vhz3k9d4t/
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  1. 1. Not all processors will overclock to the same levels as others.
    2. Your processor is unstable with the settings you are trying to use.
    3. See 2
    4. That file is part of your USB 3.0 drivers for your motherboard.

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