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Ok, so I have been looking into doing a duo router setup since I right now only have one from windstream and I will be switching to service electric shortly for better speeds. Of course you probably know why I would want two routers, but if not I will quickly explain. I have a 2 story house and my current router only reaches to the opposite side of the house with about 2/5 bars. I would also like to take advantage of Ethernet ports on the other side of my house for my TVs. So I have done some research already and know that I must configure the routers with two different static ip addresses, such as and and make the range of the first one to Then I have to change the second router to not have DHCP and the first to still have it enabled. Also, the routers must be on two different channels, like 6 and 11. So what I want to know is if when connecting the two routers via ethernet of course, if I must use router 1 lan to router 2 lan, or router 1 lan to router 2 wan. I am mad confused about this, somebody please confirm this for me. Also, if I am missing any pertinent information in completing this setup, please let me know. Thanks so much for any help you are willing to offer.
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  1. I just.
    Used one as main router.
    and the second on bridge mode
  2. Yingda Wang said:
    I just.
    Used one as main router.
    and the second on bridge mode

    Ok thanks for that info, I would have missed that, and when you connected the two routers together, did you use lan to lan, or lan to wan?
  3. The main one( the better one) is wan-lan.
    The weaker one is lan to lan.
    Also used my pc as a amplifier since it supports it
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    It is lan to lan for most routers BUT some routers support bridge mode so you can use the wan port and gain a extra lan port.
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