Asus m5a97 wont turn on after cpu replacement

I have a pc that was built for me with an asus m5a97. I replaced an athlon x4 3.2 ghz with a fx-8320 black edition, and now it wont turn on. the fans start running and the lights turn on, but the beep and startup never happen. HELP!
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  1. FX-8320 requires BIOS version 1605.
  2. Calvin7 said:
    FX-8320 requires BIOS version 1605.

    I am not good with computers. how do I get BIOS version 1605 onto my motherboard.
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    Obviously, put your Athlon back in! Download the newest BIOS from Asus's site, unzip it and put it on a USB stick. Restart with the USB inserted. Del> BIOS > Tools> Asus EZ flash 2 utility. Choose the BIOS file and let it do it's thing. It will auto restart into the new BIOS so you can make any necessary changes. If it's been a while, study your old BIOS first and check any settings that may not be stock, like RAM settings, Sata: IDE or ACHI ( necessary for SSD's ) and perhaps sleep, USB settings for USB 3.0, and Cool N Quiet. The actual BIOS update is quick and easy, just don't stop it while it's updating or your screwed. When you are done "Save" it and you're going to Windows!
  4. Sorry, should have read Del > BIOS > Advanced Mode ( upper right corner ) > Tools > Asus EZ Flash 2. I have a M5A99X which is similar enough. Ask, if you have any further questions. The BIOS can intimidate, but we can ignore most of the settings. It will work in most cases with the default settings, they just may not be the best choices in some cases.
  5. Do I need to buy more thermal paste for the fan? I installed the new stock fan with the adhesive that was stuck to the fan. also do I need to use a cpu fan if im only going to be using the pc for about 10 minutes?
  6. Yes, you should definitely get yourself some thermal paste, but first completely clean both surfaces with isopropyl alcohol then apply a small pea sized amount to the center of the CPU. You could get by with a heatsink without a fan only if you can make sure there is still cold air blowing on the heat sink. You MUST have a heatsink!!!
    SInce the fan is attached to the heatsink, I fear you mean the whole heatsink and fan assembly. Not OK, it will almost definitely overheat..... just re-install it, fan too. I don't want to see you lose the old CPU and then think that avjguy said it would be OK!!
    You ought to get a Cooler Master Hyper 212. They are on sale at NewEgg, $30. They are simply too good for very little money. Once you get the backplate on, they are much easier to install in the future. They come with a small syringe of thermal paste for future re-installs too.
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