Will my PC components fit in a BitFenix Phenom Micro/Mini ATX Case?

Hello there!
I'm fairly new to PC building and would like to ask a question. The question is:
Will my PC components fit in a BitFenix Phenom Micro/Mini ATX Case?

My PC parts are
- i7 3820 CPU
- GTX 770 (May upgrade to 780 soon)
- 16gb RAM
- ASUS p9x79 Pro Motherboard
I'm not sure if my motherboard is compatible with the BitFenix Phenom Micro/Mini ATX case. If it isn't, could you please suggest a motherboard which is compatible with my GPU (may upgrade to 780 soon), CPU, RAM and the case? Thank you.
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  1. No, the ASUS p9x79 is a ATX mobo and is too large for Bitfenix Micro case. You need a mid or full tower case. The ASUS Rampage IV Gene LGA 2011 is a micro atx mobo and will fit the Bitfenix Micro case.
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    I'd advise against the Phenom as a case-
    The "M" versions of the three Bitfenix cases are awful. Most mATX boards use slots 1+2 for graphics cards, but some use 2+3 (using a PCIe x1 in slot 1). If you install an optical drive, you effectively block slots 3+4.
    The graphics card(s) and cabled end of the PSU fight for space, so if one is long the other can't be, leading to confusion.
    The maximum cooler height is also ambiguous as you can install HDDs on a bracket above the CPU, and these vary in thickness.
    The PSU exhausts directly next to the main intake for the case. This main intake area is also a HDD mounting area.
    That's just a few of the dubious design choices on that case.

    As Goodeggray mentioned, the Asus Rampage IV Gene is pretty much your only option if you want to go for mATX.
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