Gateway 840 GM - Compatible video cards ???


I'm trying to find a 512MB - 2GB video card w/ a HDMI output that is truly compatible with my Gateway 840 GM.

One that is for DDR2 SDRAM not DDR3 & made for a PCI EXPRESS x16 slot not a PCI Express 2.0 x16 or some other.

The closest two video cards that I've found so far are only 512MB & are...

(1) MSI MBATI Radeon HD 4350 (R4350MD512H) &
(2) MSI N8400GS-D512H/LP

Neither are a perfect match, but will either of these work?

Are there any other better cards (2GB) that will work on my computer that are DDR2 & PCIe x16 compatible?

Any advice you can give me would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance, Justin
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    Ok so first off it doesn't matter if its a pcie 2.0 card or 3.0 it'll work in a basic pcie x16 slot. Your best bet is a cheap 7750 under 100 bucks and it'll be compatible
  2. You dont want ddr2 on a graphics card you want gddr5 trust me
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