Will the SSD market change soon (get faster, bigger, or cheaper?)

I'm thinking about buying the SAMSUNG 840 EVO MZ-7TE1T0BW 2.5" 1TB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) for $540 but i really dont need the upgrade for 4 months. The last time I was building a new pc I was looking at the i7-3930 and I thought to myself, I'm going to be working insanely hard the next 6 months (not with my pc) and I wont even get to use the computer so I should wait. Well, I waited for nothing. 6 months later it was still the 2nd best chip out (2nd only to the extreme and the price was the same. While its true I would have used the pc very little I gained nothing by waiting. If the Samsung 840 EVO is still going to be the one everyone that wants a huge SSD buys and the price is still going to be the same in 4 months I'd like to just buy it now.

I appreciate your insight!
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  1. Why would you want to get a 1tb ssd that's completely overkill
  2. Why would you assume so much instead of answering me ?
  3. Intel cpu prices rarely drop much.

    on the other hand, components do and the longer you wait the cheaper they become ... unless the demand for a particular model soars and then price gouging takes effect.

    to be honest though, wait even more. you still have many more months untill the x99 chipset comes out and until then theres not alot of point in a socket 2011 board.
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    This or next year SATA Express will come for desktop PCs, but no idea when Intel introduce it, maybe 2015. So there will be no revolutionary SSD in the next months.
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