Can I recover a system image after partitioning a drive?

I am using the Windows 8 recovery software. If I make a full system image and then resize my C & D drive partitions afterwards, am I able to recover the C drive using the previous sized C drive system image?

I know there is a check box regarding changing the partition back to match the recovery image but I want to keep them as is.

Are there any risks or loss of stability?
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  1. You should be able to choose to either keep the current petition sizes, or the sizes form the backup drive. Either will work fine and will be equally stable.
  2. If I make the C drive smaller, will the recovery still work? For example, the C drive is 200GB and I do the full system image. Then I make the C drive 100GB. Will the 200GB system image work? The image isn't 200GB in size of course. I imagine 30GB or so.

    I've never used Windows recovery which is why I'm worried.
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    I think that as long as the data within the petition is the less than the new petition you're moving it to, it'll be fine.
  4. Thank you!
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