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Hope I am posting in the right area.

The other day I posted a question of weather 16gb of ram will do me any better than my 8. The answer was no. So you have all the facts I am running all apps and windows on a 120gb ocz vertex 3 Now with only 10gb free

While I am playing cod ghosts I get a lot of jittering and a message comes up on windows about turning aero cool effect off to windows basic color theme due to slow performance. Why is this happening.

Is it the ssd fulling up or the ram causing this?

My system is as follow
-i5 2500k of @ 4.3
-Asus z68 pro v gen 3
-120 GB ssd
-corsair H60 cooler
-palit gtx770 jetstream
-corsair hx750w power supply
-8gb ram corsair vengeance 1600mhz

Many Thanks
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  1. The fact that you appear not to have a standard HDD in your system makes me suspect the lone SSD may be the issue. From what I have read/heard, no system should just have a SSD as its only form of storage, too many normal data save/rewrite operations occur in computers and the SSD was not designed for that. That and the fact that your SSD is almost full is probably the cause of your issue.
  2. Most likely the cause is the lack of space on the ssd. When the drive gets full, the write operations become slow and you get a noticeable slow down.

    SSDs should have a minimum of 10 to 15% left free. Even though ssd's do not run defrag, they do use wear leveling and garbage collection supported by the trim function. In order for these to work well, they need the free space. In your case, you are kinda over the edge and the system is slowing.

  3. It is an easy answer honestly. Windows has a "Page file". The page file is as big as the system RAM. So now that you have 16 GB of RAM, your page file has expanded additional 8 GB. And this left you with too little space on the SSD for it to run efficiently. The Page file is permanently allocated space so at windows start up it is taken and set off limits for anything else. After installing your 16 GB of RAM, go to windows and reduce the size of the page file. Google it if you don't know how to do it, its easy.

  4. Shneiky thx for your response, I confused you a little bit, I didn't install 16gb ram I m still with 8gb. As for all the others answers they seem to answer my question.

    So how do I go about solving my space pb. Do I change my ssd for 240gb, I really love running all apps from ssd. I don't really need to store a lot of data, the only thing filling my current drive is windows, office, drivers, and cod ghosts which takes something like 40gb. Or do install a normal 500gb drive and install cod there? Will it run the same?

    Apologies for all the questions and any confusion that I might ccause,I appreciate all your help.
  5. Best answer
    Get a 2nd SSD, instead of a big one. Put all games on the 2nd SSD, and let the first one only with windows, drivers and productive software. Even if you fill the 2nd SSD to its threshold, it wont impact your performance as much, as if you fill your primary SSD.
  6. Very nice solution indeed Shneiky. Thx alot.
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