Asus Z87-K and XFX R9 290 Anti-power surge restarts

I've just gone a built a new desktop pc and everything is working fine apart from when I put the graphics card under high stress levels.
My system consists of:
MB; Asus Z87-K
CPU; i5-4670K (overclocked to 4.4GHz)
Graphics unit; XFX R9 290 Boost Edition
RAM; 8GB Corsair 1600mHz
PSU; Andyson AD-E850AE-A5/A6
OS; Windows 8.1 64x

Every time I run a program which requires any hard work form the graphics card, the system restarts and notifies me that a power surge was detected in the last session, and so the anti-power surge system kicked in and shut down the computer. I have run burn tests on the CPU using Prime 95, and the system handled it fine, I've also manually turned the graphics cards fan up to 100% and the system didn't crash. However, when attempting a GPU burn using MSI Kombuster, the system lasts for about 5/6 seconds and then shuts down. When attempting to run World of Tanks on high graphics, the system shuts down instantly. I have updated the Bios to the latest version via the Asus website and the problem persists.
Please help!
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  1. Try it with another psu. Andyson isn't known for making good ones.
  2. My solution was very simple.
    I did use the 8pin cable that came with the card (the one combining to inputs to one output). After some research everything pointed to the PSU, that's when I realized that it had specific outputs for the PCIe cards (2 6pins and 2 8pins). I already used the 6 pin so I decided to use the 8pin too.
    Voilá, everything works :)
    If you don't have those outputs marked, make sure that you use the corresponding outputs of the PSU with the correct Voltage.
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