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I recently sold my desktop as I am moving interstate mid year, and looking to purchase a good gaming laptop. In terms of portability, I'm not needing super portability, I just want to be able to transport it occasionally, such as when I go to move, if I go away, etc. For the most part it will be in one place.
I've been looking at some of the Asus G75VX models but not really sure what's worth while and such. I would prefer around 1tb of storage space, and having a seperate SSD would be handy.

In terms of gaming, I generally play paradox grand strategies, mount & blade, The Total war and the Elder Scrolls series. The latter two are the more performance hungry, and I generally run them modded, especially Skyrim which I use an assortment of texture/lighting overhauls and ENB's. I would like to be able to continue to run those at high settings decently, preferably being able to maintain the capacity to mod them in such ways without much loss of performance.

My budget is around $1600-$1800, but if I can get more bang for my buck spending a bit less or more let me know.
Any advice would be great.

I apologise if there are severe spelling/incorrect words. Typed this out on a tablet, which loves to change all my words :P

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  1. A $1000 pc beats a $2500 laptop so don't get your hopes too high
  2. (The best laptop gpu, I think it is called 780m or similar, is beaten by a 260x)
  3. If you're looking for a good gaming laptop, the G75 series is great due to cooling. However, I would recommend looking into XoticPC as the vendor. More customisability, excellent for what you're spending, and really helpful customer service.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I had a look at Xotic, and it all looks great. However I live in Australia, so the combination of the exchange rate, shipping and import fees, it may not be as good a deal in the end. The customisation looks amazing though.

    I am currently looking at the G750JW with the i7-4700HQvand the Gtx 765m 2GB GDDR5. I could up a notch to the next model, the JX I believe, which has a gtx 770m 3GB, but I'm not sure if its much of a difference to justify doing so.
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    Here's a comparison resource:

    The 770m, as a better GPU, is something i would definately go for. If you get a superior GPU, your system will be able to keep up with newer titles for longer.
  6. get an alienware or just a laptop that has a 2GB VGA or 1GB and has the capability to add SSD and more than 16GB of RAM, but yeah best bet is for Desktop, but still i do understand if you want to go to a friends house and have a gaming party Online and stuff~
  7. However, the G75 has superior cooling as I mentioned earlier. The Alienware is very, very gaudy and very bulky, more so than the G75. You can't go anywhere with an Alienware, people will look at you funny. The G75 will still have that problem, but to a lesser degree, and it can still retain a degree of professionalism.
  8. Thanks for your input guys.
    The main reason I'm wanting a laptop over a desktop is due to needing to move interstate, which won't be till mid year, and I don't know what kind of housing I will be in/how often I will need to move. Could potentially be in a campus situation so a laptop is more suited. Then I may likely move interstate again in 2-4 years from then. I wouldn't be using it to take around everywhere in most cases, so some extra bulk is fine.

    ANot keen on Alienware, but I am really liking the Asus G750's.
    would it be worth getting a Gtx 670mx over a 765m? I would be sacrifice a i7-4700hq for a i7-3630qm, but I don't see much difference other than generation specifics.

    I am wanting it to last me at least 3 years since I won't be looking at getting a desktop until it would be a 'family' one. The gaming side of things won't likely go much further than current total wars/Skyrim with possible ENB level of graphics, I'm not a big gamer in terms of playing the latest next gen stuff. I mainly play grand strategies such as Hearts of Iron 3, and older Total wars molded. Skyrim with ENB's and the later total wars is about as demanding as it would get.
    Other than that just general study/personal use.
  9. The difference between this generation and previous generation CPUs is that this gen (haswell) has superior integrated graphics and around ~25 to 35 percent better battery life. Here's a GPU comparison resource:

    In terms of actual performance, I think it looks like the 670mx would be better due to more shaders. You were considering the 770m earlier, so here's another resource comparing the 770m with the 670mx.

    The 770m is superior, and I recommend going for the 770m model not just for the GPU, but the Haswell CPU- just in case you ever do use it on battery.
  10. Thanks Maximus,
    I'd definitely prefer the 770m, but the pricing jumps up by almost $1000 here in Australia, and all the postage costs and the hassle with import tax don't make getting one elsewhere as worthwhile. I can get the 765m for about 1500 with the 4th gen i7 and 16gb of ram, or the 670mx with the 3rd gen i7 and 8gb of ram for roughly the same. Are the the extra shades worth the trade off? I'm reading that both cards are good and that both out perform the other, so I'm torn between the two. Apologies for all the questions, just trying to ensure I make the right decision.
  11. I understand, and while I can be helpful, GPUs are not exactly my area of expertise. So, I'm going by shaders rather than clock speed. However, of you want a definitive answer, you should ask the GPU forum on the site: something like a basic "765m vs 670mx performance". However, I think the 670mx may be better. So where are you picking it up? I got my laptop from MSY, and I saw several G75s there :).
  12. Will do. Thanks for the input Maximus.
    Looking at eBay mostly, but MSY does have some nice deals on the G750JX-T4219H. Has the 770m and the I7-4700HQ for $2099 which isn't too bad. A bit more than what I'd like to spend, the current ones I'm looking at were around 1600 for the 765m or 670mx. Lacking an SSD and the better card obviously. I could afford the better one but whether the extra 500 is worth justifying for the better card, an SSD and bluray.
  13. SSDs give massive performance boosts. It won't help framerates in games by much, but everything will feel so much zippier. Between that and the better card, that should about justify it. The Blu-Ray is nice if you're a movie fan as well.

    Ooh, just remembered something- SSDs are faster than HDDs by 3-20 times. Big speed boost.
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