Having trouble with an upgrade path

current build:
corsair h10i
gigabyte z87x ud3
xfx r9 280x corsair cx 600w psu
case corsair 300r

my problem is my case, it got shipped to me in bad condition and has scratches all over the place. also the front bezel is kind of broken. i need a new case thats a denfinit, i would like a windowed side panel. after that im not sure where to start for upgrades. also please ignore spelling my keyboard is acting weird.
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  1. If the case has warranty you should RMA it.
  2. nope sadly no warrenty
  3. also i would like a new case in general
  4. Best answer
    Corsair 750D
    Fractal Design Refine R4
    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe ( not release yet )
    NZXT Phantom 630
    NZXT H440
    NZXT H630
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