i5 4670k with z87 board or i7 4770 with h87 board

Hey guys! I'm helping a friend with an upgrade and he has to choose between i5 4670k with a z87 board, thermalright macho hr-02 cooler and i7 4770 with a h87 board. Which one would fit best in the long run? (he already has the cooler from current pc)
so i5 4670k with gigabyte z87 G1 sniper or i7 4770 with gigabyte h87 D3H (both platforms have same price)
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  1. I would get the i5 4670k with gigabyte z87 ud3h motherboard. The i5 is better for the long term because later on when ever you want to overclock the i7 4770 you wont be able to do so..
  2. What will you be using this PC for? Gaming?
  3. yeah for gaming.... i've told him that the i5 4670k with a z87 board would be better for gaming but he thinks that an i7's 4 cores 8 threads will come in handy in future games. He saw the sleeping dogs new title and that recommends i7 or a 8350... What do you guy think?
    It's kinda like the 2gb vram @ 1080p story....
  4. No the i5 is good enough. If you even look at 1600 dollar gaming builds, guess what you will see a i5 4670k with a nice gtx 780 or 780ti yadayada. Any build usually has a i5 unless its a 2000 or higher build. And even those builds, you might see an i5 and a sli 780 for example
  5. ^^ +1
  6. well that's the actual build option:
    - i5 4670k with z87 board or i7 4770 with h87 board -
    paired with either a gtx 780 or a r9 290 each with aftermarket cooling
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    Get the 4670k with z87 mobo and gtx 780. You dont even need to think twice.
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