Strange USB problem on Asrock 990FX Extreme3

Running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. If I boot with the Front Panel USB slots empty except for my Logitech Wireless nano-receiver, any attempt to insert a USB thumb drive after boot results in a hung system.

If I insert a USB thumb drive before boot, it is recognized after boot and the other empty slots are working as well.

Any ideas for resolution are appreciated.
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  1. Pl try to reset your BIOS if it does not work, try updating your BIOS.
  2. BIOS was reset. BIOS is current. Problem persists.
  3. Does problem persist with back panel usb ports?
  4. Back ports are OK.
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    So we've left with this scenario: Front panel usb ports are connected to the mobo directly thru usb2 and usb 3 headers. This could now be the mobo itself, the cables connecting the ports to the mobo. As BIOS resetting/updating did not work it out. There is less we can do for the mobo. Try to unplug the header cables and then plug them again.

    You may also be contacting mobo manufacturer for your complaint.
  6. Not content that a hardware problem caused this, I uninstalled all USB devices via Control Panel, then restarted Windows . After the restart no issue with the front panel ports. Apparently, a corrupted driver may have been the problem.
  7. Thanks for sharing the working solution of your problem. It is good to read that your problem is solved. Good luck.
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