Sandisk Ready Cache 32gb SSD Can also be used as a Normal SSD ??

Can the Sandisk Ready Cache 32gb ssd Used as a normal SSD in which I can Format and Install OS and Be benefited ?

See this link :-
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    I have the Ready cache and no it can't be used as anything other than cache. Windows will see it but you can't access or format it at all otherwise it does exactly as described. With that being said even if you could install an OS on it you wouldn't want to anyway. 1. due to the size and 2. because I believe you'll get a performance hit once you start to fill up the drive past a percentage.
  2. Even if you could (and I'm not sure you can), a 32GB SSD is too small to really use as the main boot drive.
    Even a 64GB is marginal.
  3. Yes you can, but as others mentioned 32GB is not big enough to install Windows on it. To enable it as a regular SSD go into Device Manager and delete the current partition, then create a new partition as NTFS or FAT-32, etc.
  4. Just to add my experience. I built a htpc for christmas and used the 32gb readycache as my primary drive (I didn't read the instructions first.) Anyway, it's been working great for me. I don't recommend it, though. After installing Win 7 and cleaning up the install I only have about 8gb free on the drive and have to take care to save Everything else on my storage drive.
  5. you also get system freezes when used in a laptop or desktop pc as a windows/os drive ... only to be used as a readycache drive ... also 32gb is well below what a modern os would need ... 17gb for windows 7/8.1 and 10 and with updates and anti virus you will be left with around 2 to 3gb not worth it and no compatible ..
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