New graphics card(s) for triple monitor gaming build

I've been reading up on reviews and I'm kindda stuck on what gpu setup to get for my next potential build

i7 4770k (or the possibly the i5 4670k, if I don't actually need the power from the 4770)
Asus maximus vi extreme
32gb (4x8) dominator 1866c9
Corsair ax1200i
3 1920x1080 Samsung 22"

Custom water cooling for gpu(s), ram, cpu, chipset
Custom case

Cost really doesn't matter at this point, but looking to play wow, bf4, heavily modded skyrim, ESO (when it comes out)...and a few others At max settings. Is there a single graphics card that can handle this or will sli or crossfire be required?

I've never actually sought out to have the best graphics before, but I'm building a new system without worry for cost anyway so why not.

Also, if you have any recommendations for the other parts as well, it would be appreciated
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    I would get the 780 and if you can spend the extra money, get the 780ti. Also for both of them I prefer the asus direct CUII version
  2. One 780ti or will I end up needing two?
  3. No a single 780ti is perfect. Even if you do 1440p gaming, you will still get 60 fps on ultra settings for bf4
  4. Perfect. Thank you very much
  5. No problem, I hope you enjoy your build
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