Spastic XFX HD4890

Hi guys, i have a Z68M-D2H F6 Mobo with a XFX HD 4890 attatched in this computer.
ive been haveing this issue for a couple months now, in seemingly random cases the display i get from the graphics card will go out during boot. when this starts happening the fan in the graphics card goes crazy, it increases and decreases in speed at random intervals. Also when all this is happening the computer cannot boot, the graphics will try to display, then fail, then the fan goes nuts, then half the time it shuts off power via reset, so it can try and fail again and again.

i know this has to be a hardware issue because the system has worked before, infact it was working for a full year and a half after i built i wonder whats causing it? Mobo, GPU, PSU?

the graphics seems to be the center of the issue, so ive tried to replace it with some other card and it works, but if i put that XFX HD 4890 in another PC it also works. so the XFXHD4890 still works it seams, just not with that Mobo anymore?

with the fan being spastic i wonder if the PSU is giving improper voltages or something?

my question is if anyone has seen anything like this before, and what they had to change to fix it?
my goal is to still use that mobo with that graphics, if at all possible.
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  1. The card is playing up and your bios is having trouble with it. It is very old,
    time to think about a directx 11 replacement for that dinosaur.
  2. You didnt say what your power supply is, actually. That could also be an issue, but the symptoms suggest the card,.
  3. We'll need full specs, especially the PSU make and model and also if anything is overclocked.
    Which card did you use as a replacement? The 4890 is a power hungry card and if the replacement was weaker it could point to the PSU as being to problem.
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