Looking for a solution recovering Windows Vista HP Laptop model dv9700. Blank screen, won't go into windows.

I am working on a HP Laptop dv9700 running windows vista. The screen lights up but there is no blinking cursor and it does not go into window, it is just a blank screen. I connected it to an external monitor and was able to get into windows. The system came up with 3 different Trojans and of course was running very poorly. I don't have the recovery kit for it so I went into setup and tried to recover back to factory that way. When it was finished I can no longer get into windows at all. I am assuming that the Trojans may have caused the initial problem because I was able to get into windows with the connected monitor but can not be sure and also assuming that the Trojans caused the initial problem and also corrupted the backup recovery. I am unable to get the recovery disk from HP because they no longer offer it. Is there any other place that I might acquire it and are there any comments or suggestions that could help me solve this problem. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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  1. Might need to get a regular Vista disk, then install the drivers separately or see if the recovery partition will boot at all (check HPs site for the correct key/keys to press during boot)
  2. Thank you I appreciate your feedback. I did try to recover from setup but it too was corrupted. HP doesn't offer the recovery kit anymore so I was hoping to located it somewhere other than HP. But if that is not possible then yes then the only other option would be to buy a new OEM for it but may not be worth it at this point so may consider ditching it and just getting a new laptop.
  3. dhawth358,

    Try this site ... I've used them in the past for other recovery media.


    Let me know how you make out.

  4. sounds like your nvidea graphics card has come loose.
    take out the motherboard and 'reflow' the graphics card.

    in other words:
    take a heat gun that painters use and heat the graphics card up for about three minutes.
    the soldering will become fluent again and stick the contact point to each other again.

    it's a common problem with the nvidea graphic cards in laptops.
    i reflowed a bunch of them already and mostly with good result.

    if the card comes loose again just repeat the procedure.
    search in you tube for how to do it.
    it's a bit scary the first time but it works 9 out of 10 times.

    while doing this you will have perfect access to the cooling fan to clean all the dust out.
    you will probably find the exit full of dust .
    that's why the graphics card gets very hot and soldering connections become loose......

    have fun trying.... :-)
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